Broadband FM Transmitter 5W

Broadband FM Transmitter 5W
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Broadband FM Transmitter 5W

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This is high performance FM broadcasting exciter.It was designed to offer excellent spectral cleanlines and ruggedness, as well as fairly simple assembling procedure.The audio of the exciter is superb and allows perfect audio flatness to below 20Hz.Now you can pass that low bass without distortion and get that perfect stereo separation that you have been demanding from your exciter.The built in harmonic filter keeps your signal clean.Processor controlled synthesizer system is adjustable in steps of 50KHz from 87.5 to 108MHz.High quality components and printed circuit board assure 24/7 operation for years.

Build Up PCB
Build Up Component

- Broadband 88-108MHz
- High quality double side PCB
- 87.5-108MHz range frequency
- Fet oscillator with PLL system
- New generation final fet 5W (min.)
- Manual power out adjustment
- Easy change frequency with up/down switch
- Lock indicator
- LCD Display