FM Transmitter ET31000-3.5 30k

FM Transmitter ET31000-3.5  30k
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FM Transmitter ET31000-3.5 – 30kW

ET31000 is build by combining 10 E3500 units.

ET31000 has all the characteristics that distinguish an Elenos product from the rest of the devices: avant-garde technologies(such as ICEFET, which ensures low temperatures, reduced consumptions and extention the useful life), fast hardware protection and appropriate software algorithms to control parameters (so as to have operation even in critical and extreme conditions), rich and intuitive interfaces, innovative design.The metal parts are made of stainless. The electronic boards are treated with high-strength resin to protect them in extreme humidity and salt conditions. Power supplies, RF modules and ventilation section are overstaffed. The quality checks include a long burn-in process at high temperatures.