Yagi - Rotator / Pengarah

Yagi - Rotator / Pengarah
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This rotator is full automatic antenna rotator.

Kopek Model AR-1002 antenna rotator offers best performance and will provide you with additional pleasure when usig it with your RADIO/tv receiver.

Input Voltage :200-240V 50/60Hz. 40VA Max.
Drive motor Voltage : AC 24V.
Rotation: 360" Plus 15" with Mechanical Stop
360" Rotation Time: 50Hz-70 seconds, 60Hz-58 seconds
Rotation Torque : 200Kg-cm Min.
Stationary Braking Torque: 1000Kg-cm Min.
Mast Size: 22-40 mm Diameter.
Vertical Load: 50Kg Max.
Connection Cable: 3 Conductor/0.5mm2 (#20)
Wind load area : 0.25m2 Dimensions:
Control Box 140(W)x71(H)x180(D)mm
Drive unit 150dia x 335(H)mm
Control Box 600g
Drive unit 3.1 Kg